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Work Comp Evaluations & Impairment Ratings

Dr. Schnitzer has had almost 20 years of experience in the management of patients who have suffered injuries on the job. The primary goal of treatment is for the patient to safely return to work in a timely manner. Most commonly Dr. Schnitzer evaluates individuals who have sustained injuries to the neck or low back, but also sees patients with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, nerve injuries, repetitive/overuse injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) and other multiple trauma sustained at work.

Steps taken during Workers Compensation Evaluations include:

  1. On the initial evaluation, a thorough history is taken and a detailed physical examination is performed. If needed, Dr. Schnitzer will speak directly with the case manager and/or adjuster assigned to the case, in order to provide better continuity of care.
  2. Schnitzer will continue to see the patient through the treatment process, by way of periodic follow-up office visits. Treatment  may include recommendations for physical therapy, appropriate diagnostic testing, prescription medications and guidance to the patient about return to work.
  3. At the appropriate time, the patient will be given a written release to return to his or her job. Work restrictions (if needed) will be given to the patient in written form. Typically, some patients will continue to require ongoing medical treatment for a period of time after their return to work.
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